Colorless building glass


clear float glass

The colorless construction glass of this brand includes normal white float, super clear float and low-emissivity glass. Float glass or flat glass is the first type of glass. These products are produced in thicknesses of 2 to more than 20 mm.

Normal white float glass is also called raw glass. These glasses have a smooth and transparent surface and do not have waves or bends. Float glasses with a thickness of 4 to 12 mm are among the best-selling products of this brand and are used in domestic, industrial and mirror manufacturing processes. Making float glass is generally done using three methods: stretching, rolling and floating.

Super clear float glass is a new type with very high transparency and strength. These glasses are designed and produced in different types of double-glazed, colored, laminated, patterned, etc. and are sent to the market. The high use and consumption of these products are due to their very high quality and features. These glasses can be used in residential buildings, offices, hotels and banks. Very high transparency, maximum clarity of vision, the maximum amount of light and energy transmission, sufficient light to the desired space, high security when breaking, unbreakable, etc., are among the features of these products. You can use these glasses to make glass corridors, balconies, doors and terraces, swimming pools, sports rooms, stairs and floors, lobbies, glass elevators, etc.

Building glass that controls energy (Low-emissivity Glass) is created using the low-emissivity coating. This coating effectively prevents the passage of the sun's ultraviolet rays and infrared heat waves through the glass. This coating stops the passage of harmful rays without any reduction in the passage of visible waves.

When sunlight reaches the surface of these glasses, the spectrum of visible waves passes through them, but harmful rays are reflected. The thin and microscopic coating of silver of these products makes the sun's heat return to the outside to ensure the internal comfort temperature of the environment. Glass with low emissivity coating is made of layers of silver or other materials. This covering layer is about 500 times thinner than a human hair. Nonetheless, its effects on optimizing energy consumption are unique. These coatings are produced using the spectromagnetic vapor expansion process.

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