White patterned glass


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White patterned glassalso called passing glass is another product produced by the first specialized glass town*. The white tempered glass produced by this brand has a high resistance to mechanical and physical pressure and impact.

You can use these products in environments where you want light to enter those environments, but still, the environment inside is not visible. Due to their uneven and raised surface, these glasses cause irregular refraction of the light entering the environment. Consequently, clear images are not seen from inside the environment and these products are considered types of opaque glass.

These glasses are also known by other names, such as patterned glass. To make these glasses, silica sand, sodium carbonate and lime are combined, put into the melting furnace, and then transferred to the glass-making machine. In this step, patterned rollers are passed over the melted glass to create the desired design and map on the glass.

Designs and roles can be implemented on both sides of the glass or one side. There are 10 to 15 different models of white patterned glass produced by the Sahand brand, which you can view in the application of Sahand Industrial Group. With the help of the Sahand visualizer tool, you can see these glasses in the real environment and get a 360-degree view of the glasses.