Colored glasses


bronze float glass

bronze float glass

clear withy

clear hasiri

light bronze float glass

green float

bronze float glass

gray float glass

broze reflective glass

The colored glasses of Sahand Industrial Group include bronze-colored glass, gray glass, elite green, pink and blue. These glasses are produced so they can be tempered and transferred to the tempering furnace to become unbreakable.

These glasses have many uses and very high diversity. These products are made from compounds of iron, manganese, gold, cobalt, silver, etc. At large, the color of these glasses is created by adding a metal oxide to the raw materials so that copper oxide can produce colors such as ruby, blue or green when exposed to diverse conditions. Cobalt is mostly used to produce blue shades and green shades of glass. Green shades are also produced using chromium and iron oxide. Golden glasses are created by using and adding uranium, cadmium sulfide or titanium. Ruby-colored glasses are also created using gold.

You can check and view all types of colored glass in the application of Sahand Industrial Group